Premises Liability


In Georgia, property owners are responsible for keeping their premises free of hazards that may cause injuries. Failing to do so puts people who step foot on the property in danger. In appropriate cases, the law holds property owners accountable when they neglect to keep their property safe and free of hazardous obstructions.

During your FREE CASE EVALUATION, whether you were a “invitee”, “licensee”, or a “trespasser”. This is just one of the factors that will help us determine whether you have a case or not. Another factor is what caused the injury. Some common causes are:

Common Hazards that Cause Slip & Fall Accidents

  • Slippery/Unsafe Floors
  • Neglected Property
  • Poor Construction
  • Improperly maintained roads and sidewalks
  • Failure to display safety signs
  • Hazardous staircases or escalators (broken steps, missing handrails, etc.)

Slipping and falling can cause very serious injury but just because you fall and are injured does not mean someone else was negligent. Call us now for a FREE CASE EVALUATION and see if you have a case.


Dog bites can occur without warning, causing serious injuries. These attacks might even create risks of disease or infection. In Georgia, owners are responsible for their pet’s actions whether they’re on a leash, off-lease, within the owner’s sight, out of the owner’s sight, etc. However, a thorough assessment of the dog’s history and the owner’s knowledge of that history must be done to determine whether you have a case.

In some states, an owner is strictly liable for dog bites regardless of the situation, but Georgia is not one of those states. Furthermore, the injured party has the burden of proving that the owner should be held liable. Call us now to for a FREE CASE EVALUATION to determine whether you have a viable case against the owner.


A successful negligent or inadequate security claim in Georgia must show that the injured person had an invitation to be on the land and that a failure in security led to the incident.

If you or a loved one was attacked at an apartment complex, bar, nightclub, office, shopping center, college campus, restaurant, store parking lot, or sporting stadium as a result of negligent or inadequate security call us now to schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION.